Approximately 131 million people plan to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Forty-four percent of those who are going to vote believe that President Obama is doing a good job. That means that nearly half of America agree with the policies of the President or at least do not disagree to the point that they would not or could not vote for him. This actually should surprise no one. Here is why by the issues.

Abortion  Only 46% of the American people believe in abortion but a recent poll shows that 80% of Americans believe abortion should be legal.

Higher Taxes on the Wealthy    72% of the American people believe taxes on the wealthy should be greatly raised.

Same-sex marriage   51% favor the same-sex marriage policies of the President.

Gays in the Military   59% say they support allowing “homosexuals” to serve in the U.S. military, including 34% who say they strongly favor that. Ten percent say they somewhat oppose it and 19 percent say they strongly oppose it.

Removing God and Prayer from Schools and public places  This is a much harder policy to track by the poll results. The question can be asked in so many ways and therefore the answers are all over the place. However, it is clear that removing God is not a major issue among most Americans. In other words, Americans do not really care.

Socialism Through the years America has leaned toward being a Socialist Nation with each passing year. Obviously, Americans over all support getting rid of capitalism. Politicians who promise the most free stuff get elected.

The above are a small picture of immorality surging with the approval of millions of Americans.

National Debt  This subject is not only an economic problem but a moral problem as well. The clearly Bible says it is wrong to borrow that which can not be paid back and this clearly makes it a moral issue. Those of us today using the borrowed money have no hope whatsoever of paying the money back. Instead, if it does get paid back, it will be by future generations. No economist would disagree with this statement. It is mathematically impossible for this generation to pay back what we are borrowing. For every dollar the Government spends, 43 cents is borrowed money. The surprising thing is, the majority of the American people are not bothered by this fact.

When any Nation is in favor or supports immorality, that Nation is DOOMED! When any Nation loses its character it is DOOMED!

Of course most who read this will disagree. Most Americans think we can do much better by simply continuing the above policies. Very scary. It is very scary what your neighbor believes.

America has lost its moral compass. There has never been a Nation in the history of the world that has declined and ressurected. Every Nation that has ever been in existence has had an age factor. More later as I recall…………

One comment on ““WHY AMERICA IS DOOMED”

  1. bobby says:

    Agree. Way past the point of no return. Its over

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